I am Kayliegh Landon—- creator, learner, and designer.

Pattern Testing and Modification

I have been involved in pattern testing for about 5 years now. I enjoy pattern testing because it gives me an opportunity to learn more about garment construction and patternmaking. With the schooling I have and my past experience in the clothing industry, I like being able to add value by giving my feedback to the designer.

I also like to modify patterns to fit mine or my client’s needs and am proficient in doing so. The above photo is a maternity modification on a waistband. I did the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

Specs and Prototype for Sabaton (Swedish-based heavy metal band)

This was such a cool project to be apart of! I was contacted by a local business who has done projects for Sabaton before. They needed someone with my skillset to help modify standard army BDU’s into a uniform for the band to wear on stage, and as promotional gear at a retail level. I drew up specs and then made the prototypes. WE added zippers at the knee, so they can be shorts or pants. We also added details like snaps with the bands logo, overlock stitching for decorative purposes, and we changed the pocket style. My specs and prototypes were then sent to a factory to mass produce!

Clothing alterations and fitting **Pictured is a coat that I shortened the sleeves on. (Left BEFORE, Right AFTER)

I have done many alterations for clients, from hemming pants, to changing a neckline, to patching holes. My clients have been amazing to work with! My favorite thing is to take something that is ill-fitting and help it fit someone better. They don’t know what they’ve been missing until they have something that fits them perfectly!

Small business

I have become very familiar with running a small business as I have started a few myself. In 2013, I started a skirt business where I patterned and sewed all of the skirts. I’d then go to events and sell them. Looking back, I sold SO MANY skirts! This has probably been one of my very favorite work experiences!

I also have other products that I have sold via Esty, Shopify and now Ecwid. Ecommerce is a learning curve, but it’s so fulfilling when its working!

The Loved. Initiative

In the fall of 2020, I created faux leather wrist cuffs in honor of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The first one had a semicolon to signify that we are authors of our own stories, and we have the choice to not end our sentence.

This progressed into a project I’ve lovingly named “The Loved. Initiative”. The “you are loved.” cuff has been my most loved by people! The period on the end of loved is important– “You are loved. Period. Not in spite of, because of, when, if or who. You are loved. Period.”

My mission is to help my community and my country get better resources for mental heatlh and crisis management. With each cuff purchased, I have donated a cuff to someone in need. I think it helps people to know there are advocated for them, and they are not alone.

Patternwork for Greenstyle

I had the privilege of being on the Greenstyle Pattern team for a couple years. I helped update old patterns, and even did a pattern of my own for the company to use as a gift for customers! My amazing boss taught me how to use the Adobe Illustrator program, and it helped me to learn the software. I still use it today!

Enjoy more of my work!
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