Pattern Review: Greenstyle Sundial Leggings

I’m kicking the new year off with a quick athletic pattern test- the Sundial Leggings from Greenstyle. I’m hoping they’ll help me achieve a few of my health goals that I’ve set for 2021!

As goals go, I can’t say that I achieved exactly what I wanted in 2020, but what I did come away with is more valuable to me. In 2020, I learned more about myself, about the issues with mental health that has ruled so much of my life- for longer than I ever realized- and about how to accept that I may never completely “overcome and move on” from this trial in my life. But I am determined to embrace who I am, and understanding the triggers and things that make me tick is a step towards that.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to seek out some help, yet again, and try to determine why I was feeling so … off. Even more than my anxiety makes me feel “off”. I said to my family a few times that I felt like I was legitimately going crazy. I was having trouble focusing, wanting to sleep alll day long (yes I have a sweet baby who wakes me up at night, but this was extra), and why my fuse was so short with my kids and husband.

The doctor I saw took some blood and checked my thyroid, liver, A1C (diabetes), and iron. It turns out my thyroid is off again, my cholesterol is high and my A1C is on the high end of normal. She said that she’s seen thyroid inconsistencies do some crazy things to a person. SO we are getting my thyroid back on track and I’m working on getting my diet back on track too- no gluten, no dairy and more fiber, protein, veggies and WATER.

I’m TWO for TWO today with exercise and better eating and with the thyroid meds in my system, I’m feeling a little more “normal”.


Now for the pattern review! Greenstyle is an independent PDF pattern company. What are PDF patterns you ask? They are patterns you can print off on your printer! I love them because they include a broad range of sizes and the testing process is very meticulous so they are well-drafted patterns that always fit me well and give me a professional result.

You all know how much I love Greenstyle, and this pattern is no exception. You can grab a copy of the Sundial Leggings HERE.

My measurements on the Greenstyle size chart are as follows: BUST: E WAIST: H-I HIP: G. I made a size G with an H waistband, and the fit is great.

The pattern features different options for the waistband: Full waistband, overlapping waistband and a layered option with both of them. I made both the full length high rise, and the layered high rise option. I used to stick my nose up at high rise options, but having 4 babies and being in my 30’s has me singing a different tune. (insert laughing emoji here). Isn’t is funny how life will humble you?

The pattern also has capri length and full length options, and no outseam. They are so quick to sew and are great for beginners and professionals alike.

My fabric for both pairs also came from Greenstyle. It is the Arete base and is very nice to work with. You can find it on the Greenstyle site here. It is awesome fabric that has a soft hand and great recovery.

If you’re looking for a fun and quick project, this just might be the ticket for you. Let me know how it goes for you!

Happy sewing, friends!

❤ Kayliegh


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