Prime Day Must Haves: Sewing Edition

Prime Day is here and with it has some great deals on sewing tools! I’ve linked the things I use often wehn I’m sewing, adn other things I’m going to snage for myself because they are great deals and I need to re-stock.

For fabric marking, cutting and sewing (and the unfortunate seam-ripping that happens to all of us):

Rotary Cutter and self healing mat set: This will save your life when you need to cut straight lines! I use my self-healing mat for EVERYTHING, even when I’m cutting with my shears! You’ll also want some acrylic rulers to go with the rotary cutter and mat, so that you can get a straight cut every time!

Stock up on sewing machine needles! Universal here. Double stretch here.

Sewing Clips! If you haven’t tried these yet, you need to! They will change your life. I still use my tailor’s pins for certain jobs, but these clips can be used instead of pins and they are awesome!

I love using tailor’s chalk to mark my fabric- especially on dark-colored fabric! This pack looks perfect and would cover all the bases!

If you’re in the market for new scissors, or just starting out, this pack has shears, snippers and a measuring tape! It looks like a great set!

My girls keep begging me to teach them to sew! I have been looking for a machine for them that isn’t a toy, but is still great for them to learn on and this machine looks like a great option!

Still making masks? I have this elastic and it works great!

Planning on making Christmas pjs this year? Make sure you have enough elastic! This spool is perfect!

Placing snaps has become one of my favorite things to do. If I’m being honest, I’d rather use snaps over buttons! This snap starter set is great for beginners and to help get a stash started. **UPDATE: These snaps look like the KAM snaps I like to use, just a different brand. I’m going to try them and see how they compare!

I’m still on the hunt for a prime day deal on a seam ripper, but I have to share the one that my mother in law just gave me- it has changed my life! It’s a razor blade type, and makes picking out seams so much quicker. If you see a deal on a seam ripper, let me know! **UPDATE on the seam ripper: I just found this pack with a seam ripper, some snippers, and measuring tape!

For clothing and fabric embellishment:

I love making clothes, but I also love spicing them up a little too! I have an embroidery machine with a small hoop, a cricut for vinyl and I also love using fabric paint!

I dabble in embroidery, and love finding good deals on all the things I use regularly. This roll of stabilizer is a great deal! This water soluble stabilizer is great for my projects on faux leather NOTE** the deal is on 12″x25yard roll.

For my Cricut loving friends: get replacement mats for a killer deal. Be sure to snag these Cricut tools and a replacement blade as well!

You can achieve a screen-printed look using freezer paper stencils (cut on the Cricut!) and using Fabric paint. I’m going to grab these brushes for myself and these Fabric markers look enticing as well!

For storage and organization, and just plain cool things:

Please tell me I’m not the only one that has trouble with my threads going crazy! I have the bobbin saver for storing my bobbins in, but the threads still are crazy sometimes, especially because I have curious little fingers in my house! So I’m for sure going to snag some of these Bobbin Clamps for the bobbins and some of these thread spool savers for allll the sewing and embroidery threads I have. I think I’ll also grab another case for storing my bobbins, since my bobbin saver is full and I still have bobbins to store.

And then there is the actual thread that you always need! I love having matching colors for my projects, so this thread pack is perfect for providing several colors to have on hand. And for serger thread, this pack is a great deal!

I’m always looking for something fun to hang on my sewing room walls, and this Safety pin decor is perfect for the vibe I’m going for!

Going on a trip? Make sure to grab this sewing machine and notions Traveling case so you can take your sewing fun with you!

If you’re like me, you are a fabric hoarder, I mean collector, (insert smirk here). This Cube organizer is great for storing fabric and patterns!

I like to stand when I’m cutting and piecing patterns, but my tile floors don’t do my feet and back and favors. I’m going to grab this anti-fatigue mat to save my body and be able to sew longer. Win-win!

If you’re looking for a cool gift for the seamstress in your life (no judgement if that’s yourself) check out these beautiful scissors sets! vintage scissors and vintage set for embroidery and hand work.

**UPDATE: How cool is this bobbin winder? I hate having to stop my project, unthread my machine just to wind a bobbin! This nifty tool would help the process move a little quicker!

**UPDATE: I have heard amazing things about these wool ironing mats. They hold the heat in so whatever you’re pressing gets a good press from both sides!


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