Greenstyle SoLo Tank

Pattern Review

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One of the things I have enjoyed sewing in the last couple of years is my own workout clothes. Having clothes that fit well and help me feel good while I’m working out is actually one of the things that motivates me to workout. So I’ve been working on perfecting some techniques so I can amp up my workout gear!

I had the awesome opportunity to test this tank top pattern for Greenstyle Creations. If you’re not familiar with these patterns, well then say a big hello. Not only do they offer some amazing and fun everyday wear patterns for women (and some for men and kids!), they also make the best athletic patterns around. The site features workout tights, different style of tanks, and even sports bra patterns. I also love the fit of every Greenstyle pattern I have sewn. The owner and pattern designer is and engineer by profession, so these are very well drafted patterns!

The SoLo tank accompanies a handful of other tanks on the site, but is unique in the design. It features a lowered armscye, narrow racer back and a more roomy hem (which you can make to tie for a tighter look). This design allows for optimum movement when working out. No restricting armholes with this one!

It’s always an awesome time to test patterns for Greenstyle. I’m glad I have 3 new tanks to add to my workout wardrobe! And the SoLo is a quick sew. The longest part of the process is adding the binding to the neck and armholes, but the end result is worth it.

BINDING NOTE: I used 3 different fabrics to make mine.. and had to adjust the binding length a tad for each.

  • The cotton jersey I used needed no adjustments to the binding, as it was structured enough to stretch like o needed it to.
  • I also used an athletic brushed poly fabric for one, and I should have added 1/4″ to the bindings, (1/2″ total). Fabric source: Surge Fabric Shop
  • My last one was made from a lightweight triblend fabric, and I added the most to the bindings- about 3/4″ total. Fabric Source: Sly Fox Fabrics

So I think the key that I learned was: the lighter the fabric, the more tendency it has to curl when attaching to the neck and armhole. It just doesn’t stretch as well, so adding extra will help alleviate that (and a lot of headaches!) when sewing it in.

Grab your copy of the pattern while it’s on sale through Sunday!

Athletic Brushed Poly fabric
Triblend fabric

Happy ATHLETIC sewing, friends!

❤ Kayliegh


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