2018 Summer Sewing Roundup

**Disclosure: This blog and the posts on it may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you make a purchase using my links at no additional cost to you. This allows me to help my little family, and I appreciate your support in doing so!**

Can you believe how fast the summer can and went!? Now we are planning Halloween costumes and drawing Christmas names.

I didn’t want to get any further in the year without giving my summer sewing projects some due credit. I like to look back and see how far I’ve come, so I’m documenting this for the future!

13th Avenue Handmade

One thing I did this summer that kept me busy was re-branding my small clothing business. I’ve got a group on FB with some amazing clients that I see for when I have the time. I’ve set it up to be flexible, so I can pick it up when I have time, or take a break when I need it. It is a blessing in my life to have the support from these awesome family members and friends! They send me pictures of something they want, and I get to turn that dream into reality for them. You can join my group here!

The main thing I sewed for my group this summer was shirts, though I did do a few shorts as well.

I’m including the patterns I used as well! Take a look:

Greenstyle Green Tee with scoop neck
Greenstyle Green Tee with v-neck
Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan
Made for Mermaids Kortney Knot
Patterns for Pirates Sweet Tee
DIBY Club Helen Drawstring Dress
Greenstyle Brassie joggers shorts
Greenstyle Chelsea Pant (shorts length)

Mommy and Me Dresses

I also got to make some Mommy and me dress sets. I love to mix and match styles to make these sets.

Check it out:

M4M Mama Isabel and Isabel
GS Centerfield dress & SLPCO Aria
Peekaboo Patterns Gloria dress
P4P Boundless & PAB Gloria
P4P Boundless, M4M Isabel, SLCPO Aria


I went to a local event on the Fourth of July as a vendor. I had over 300 of these headbands with me. They were a hit! I designed them myself!

Flower Girl Dresses

My brother got married in August, so I got to make my two girls and my two nieces matching dresses! They turned out so cute. They were simple, but oh so elegant.

Peekaboo Patterns Gloria Dress

Want to make your own? Here are the links to the pattern sites I noted on the pics (*some are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase using my link, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me support my sewing and my family. Thanks!)

Greenstyle Patterns is awesome. They have a lot of athletic wear as well as casual. They are one of my favorite companies, because of how well the patterns are drafted and how well they fit me and my clients.

Patterns for Pirates (P4P) have patterns for the whole family! They are also well drafted Patterns and fit my family well.

Made for Mermaids (M4M) have mommy and me Patterns that are sooo cute on any size!

Do It Better Yourself (DIBY) Club these guys have a lot of awesome patterns, including jeans!

Peekaboo Patterns (PAB) I love these patterns for my kids! The Gloria dress is probably one of my most-sewn Patterns!

Simple Life Pattern Company (SLPCO) they have gorgeous dress patterns for girls. The Aria that I pictured above, has enclosed seams inside and out. It is a very well made pattern that makes a very well made dress!

If you try out any patterns from these companies, send me a pic of what you’ve made. I’d looove to see!

Projects not included above are altering 2 wedding dresses, and some fun projects for an awesome pattern company.

That’s a wrap! It was a fun and busy summer that I won’t soon forget!

Happy Sewing friends!

❤ Kayliegh


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