The Making of a Dream Dress

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Jessica’s Dream Dress

Jessica dress3
Look at this gorgeous bride!

I had the great opportunity to make a wedding dress for a friend this summer. After testing patterns in the spring that helped my skills to grow, I felt confident that I could give this friend what she was looking for.

My process went as follows:

  1. I found a pattern that was closest to what I knew I needed for the style. I am pretty confident in altering patterns, but I still wanted to find something as close as possible- saving myself some work! I also knew I didn’t want to try to create a different size, so I found a pattern that had the size (s)  I needed. The pattern is the Upton Dress by Cashmerette Patterns. They have the option to get PDF or a paper pattern. You all know how much I LOVE my PDF’s, so that is the one I got. (I also ended up getting the sleeve expansion pattern for the dress. I used the cap sleeve for the lining and used the same cap to draft a longer sleeve for the lace overlay.)
  2. I ordered fabric from Fabric Wholesale Direct. I got 15 yards of poly silk lining, 10 yards of white chiffon, and 5 yards of gorgeous Victoria stretch lace. (I knew I wouldn’t have any stretch in the bodice, but I loved the style of lace. It worked great with my woven lining.)
  3. I took Jessica’s measurements and was able to place her in the pattern sizing (the body measurement chart and the finished garment measurements helped with this!). I had to grade out for the waist and hip, but it was easily done with this pattern.
  4. I made a mock-up of the dress using a bleached muslin from Joann’s. This allowed me to have her try it on, and make sure the pattern alterations I had done were accurate. I was excited that we only had to make a few modifications at this point.
  5. Once the practice round was done, I got to work on the actual dress. Because I had to join the lining with the outer fabric, I was only loosely able to follow the pattern directions. 3 layers of chiffon, 1 layer of lining and a gorgeous lace bodice later, and the result was stunning. I added a ribbon in Jessica’s awesome red wedding color, and a brooch from Hobby Lobby, and it pulled the whole thing together.

I am SO grateful for the opportunity to make this dress for Jessica, and I am still stoked that she loved it so much. I learned so much throughout the process. The biggest lesson is- trust in your skills and dive in! But also take your time, haha!

Check out these stunning photos from the wedding day:

Jessica dress2

Jessica dress

Jessica dress4

Jessica dress5

Jessica dress6

Photo cred goes to Emily Staker. It’s hard to show off all the great features of a dress in pictures, but she did an incredible job at capturing it!

Do you have a project of your own that you need some tips on? Send me a message through the contact page on my blog, I’d be happy to take a look!

Happy Sewing, friends!

❤ Kayliegh



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