GreenStyle Super G Articulated Knee Hack

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Hello all! Today I’m going to be showing you how to add an articulated knee panel to the GreenStyle Super G tights. This will require a little bit of pattern alterations so we can add darts to the panel. If you don’t already have the Super G Pattern, you can purchase it here. Prepare your pattern as needed, and let’s dive in!

Step 1: Take your main pant pattern piece. It has the front and back on it, with a strip in the middle. For this hack, we will use View A, so the middle strip will remain intact. I cut down the middle of this strip, separating the front and back pieces.

Step 2: Measure from the top of your inseam (where your seams intersect in the crotch) to the top of where you want the knee panel to start. I want it to go from above my knee, to below my knee, so I am starting the panel 10.5″ down from the top of my inseam. Mark this spot on your pattern, as well as where the bottom of the panel will be. I am using the 21″inseam line for the bottom of the panel.

Step 3: Cut along your top and bottom lines. You will now have a front top, knee panel, and front bottom piece. Trace over the panel you’ve created. I like using parchment paper for easy tracing, and it is easier to manipulate for our later steps. Step 4: I measured down 1″ from the top on each side, and up 1″ from the bottom on each side. This is where I want my darts to be. Step 5: I want my darts to be 1″ wide, so I marked the middle point and the bottom/top of the dart on the pattern. I then measured 2″ in, and did a small angled line down at the end of the line (this is so I can open the darts without ripping the paper). **Next time, I will angle my darts rather than having them straight on. I would highly suggest doing this to achieve a good articulation.**Step 6: I cut along the 2″ line and the smaller line. I then taped the bottom of the dart to another paper, and marked where my 1″ dart needed to end. I spread the parchment paper open, and taped it at that point. It is going to look kind of funky, but you’ll have a chance to square everything up. Step 7: Repeat for remaining 3 darts. When you have them secured, you can straighten them up. I found the middle point of the dart and drew a line to it, and then drew the outside lines of the dart.

Step 8: I squared up the rest of the pattern using a ruler. One side will be straight and one will be slightly curved, like the original pattern piece.

Step 9: Add seam allowance to all of the sides. I added 3/8″.

Step 10: You will want to add seam allowance to your original pieces as well– the side seam on the back, and everywhere you are going to attach the panel on the front (side, bottom of top piece, top of bottom piece).

You can now cut your fabric. Tip: With the knee panel, cut double the fabric and sew the darts in both layers.

Dart tips:

  • Don’t backstitch the end of your dart to secure. Leave a longer thread tail at the beginning, and when your done sewing, tie a couple of knots by hand in the end. This helps so that the point of your dart doesn’t stick out.
  • When you’re done stitching your dart and securing the end thread, cut open the back and press open. This helps the dart to lay flat.
  • Use a sewing machine to sew darts- not a serger!

If you’re bummed about having to omit the pocket for this hack, check out Sarah’s tutorial for adding a pocket to the top of the Super G’s.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this hack!

Happy sewing , friends!

❤ Kayliegh


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